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Test Software Qualification

Case Study: How Makkal has engaged with Ei Electronics to help and improve their test software qualification in the fast-paced & time-constraint manufacturing environment


Makkal engaged with Ei Electronics as its first client to solve the critical challenge the team faced in improving its manufacturing test software qualification.  Ei wanted to address its legacy issue of low-quality test software due to it's fast-paced nature in the manufacturing environment.  Many times test engineers are asked to make up the changes as quickly as possible to put it directly on the line with very less validation & verification of the test software itself.  Usually, the root cause of such request is due to the maximum time taken up by upstream activities like design, engineering, and lab validation; when it comes down to test engineers, there is not enough time to move to production.

Solution Approach

Makkal team is working on a solution...

Expected Value Propositions

  • Qualified test software that runs with very less issues during manufacturing or production

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