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Case Studies

Makkal's Contribution:

Automation Advancements in Manufacturing

We're excited to share a recent project where Makkal partnered with a forward-thinking client to usher in a new era of manufacturing automation.


Improving LabVIEW Test Framework

EI Electronics is a technology company that specializes in designing and manufacturing electronic devices for the safety and security sector. They had been using a legacy test framework that was functional but lacked key elements to cater to the diverse needs of their engineers. Consequently, each engineer developed their own version of the framework, leading to a lack of synchronization and efficiency.


Upskilling and Empowering the Test Engineering Team at EI Electronics

EI Electronics faced the challenge of upskilling a team of engineers to meet the demands of their growing projects. The team had fundamental skills in LabVIEW programming but needed to be brought up to speed to develop projects independently, utilize existing frameworks, and enhance their proficiency in LabVIEW Core and TestStand.

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