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Upskilling Test Engineering Team

Case Study: How Makkal has engaged with Ei Electronics to help and improve skill matrix and set an example for LabVIEW based project development.


Makkal engaged with Ei Electronics as it's first client to solve the critical challenge the team faced on improving their roadmap on NI technology.  Ei wanted to address it's legacy engineering team to adapt to fast paced NI platform to improve it's turnaround for test engineering activities around manufacturing.

Solution Approach

Makkal team came up with a skill development techniques by running the lane along with the developers to embrace their challenges.  Ajay started developing and executing the test solution for one of their demanding product Ei6500 EOL RF tester.

Value Propositions

  • Training gap analysis using NI Skill Matrix Audit

  • NI Training Scheduling based on skill matrix.

  • Test framework analysis

  • Legacy project improvement

  • ByteSizeHackathon

By applying very Makkal's indigenous technique like #ByteSizeHackathon, the Ei test engineering team started contributing more towards the test framework development and quickly upskilled.

Legacy Software Rewrite

While working with the team upskilling, our team worked on a test software rewrite for the unmanaged legacy software which hindered the development team to step in due to it's undocumented and hard to read LabVIEW code.

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