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Production tools standardizations

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

What is "standard" vs. "standardization"?

Standard: When you have a common method of doing something, and all of the relevant people know about the same common method and repeatedly using that method over and over, then that common method is a standard.

Standardization: Developing such a common method when people don't align to do it in the same way for that repeated stuff.

Why do we have standards?

Because we humans are habitual creatures and we would like to have something so habitual as muscle memory so we don't have to spend heavy processing time on our brains. That's an insightful fact.

Like so, we need to reduce the expensive resources in business expenses so that we don't keep developing the same stuff over and over, just like how re-inventing the wheel is such a bad idea.

How does a standard develop?

By nature, yes, in different parts of the world and among different groups of people needed a way to measure exchangeable liquid, so the To (~18.04 liter) in Japan is different from the Imperial gallon (~4.54 liter) in the UK.

And so it goes in each different company, developers develop their own standard methods to develop something.

But there are two different standards now, are they still standard?

Yes, they are local standards at the local level between UK and Japan. When that's taken for international comparison then the standard breaks its quality and a new adapter needs to be introduced like SI units Liter to say between them.

And in business, the internationally adopted standard way of developing programs and maintaining the programs becomes (like source config management)

Why should we standardize production tools?

When we standardize the liquid measurements which are now liters, instead of gallons, and spread across the world, then we got to know each other easily the method of measuring the liquid everywhere.

Just like that when we have a standard for production tools then we get benefits like

  • Developers know each other how to develop the tolls

  • Users or operators know each other what’s the common way to do the measuring

  • Bug fixing becomes one step easier

What are the methods to standardize the tools?

One of the best way to standardize the tools is to follow the standard practices used in the industry from across

  • Using the popular design pattern

Other best way is to figure out what the current competency of the team & what they have developed and practiced and start aligning them to the industry standard.

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